My practise has now reopened. However I am still offering online therapy for those who wish to avail of that service. 

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The main objective of psychotherapy is to help us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. It is primarily exploring the unconscious, allowing insights into the conscious. Psychotherapy can help us explore feelings and thoughts we have about ourselves and other people, particularly family and those close to us. By looking at how our experiences have impacted on us and how unconsciously we have learnt to survive through these experiences and develop strategies to cope. These strategies become unconscious behaviours, leading to unknown struggles as to why we find certain situations, emotions, people and behaviours difficult to deal with.

Engaging in psychotherapy can be a more lengthy process, due to to the time it takes to explore the unconscious and change unhealthy behaviours. It could take six months to a year or longer. But the pay off is a deeper more loving self-relationship, leading to better more healthy, conscious decision making.

All this is done in private, confidential one to one sessions.


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