"Ray has an acutely precise read of people. His depth of empathy and measured and considered feedback helped me to regain traction on my life and allowed me to process trauma in an effective way. Non-judgemental, patient, deeply empathic and wise, Ray is a wonderfully kind and skilled counsellor. I'm so lucky to have found him."

Female - mid 30's


"I came to Ray at a time when I was unsure what path in my life was the right one. Ray made me realise there is no right or wrong path, life is what you perceive it as. Ray created an atmosphere where I was safe and comfortable and could be the the truest version of myself possible. Ray was very understanding and non judgemental which helped me through my issues and allowed me to cope with things on my own and break problems down. I have been to many different types of therapy and found Ray's the most beneficial for me."

Male - mid 20's


"Having resisted the idea of counselling for a long time, I found myself completely overwhelmed by a series of changes in my life that occurred within a short period of time. Ray helped me to identify my negative self assessment and showed me how to combat it and understand its roots. As a result of his guidance, I’m calmer and more confident in my own abilities."

Female - early 30's


"After spending more or less 10 years of my life repressing my emotions I experienced what we could call an "emotional breakdown" and few days later I was sitting in front of Ray who was recommended by a friend. The first thing I noticed was how comfortable I felt opening up and sharing with him. We worked together so I could listen to my emotions and learn how to deal with them. He also helped me a lot with my self confidence issues I was facing at that time. I personally enjoyed Ray's empathy and more over I loved the technics he applied to demonstrate, picture and guide me through that difficult phase of my life. I would recommend Ray to anyone! One of the best decision I made in my life" ;)

 Male - mid 30's


"I attended counselling with Ray over a number of months - There was lots of stuff from my past that was affecting my present. The sessions with Ray allowed me to explore the past in a safe non judgmental way and examine how it was affecting my current relationships. While the sessions at times were hard work there were some light hearted moments along the way . Working with Ray has enabled me to accept the things I cannot change and realize that I am not defined by events but how I deal with events, and this is something I will always be truly grateful to him for".

Female - late 40's

"I attended Ray to help deal with grief following a relationship break-up.  Ray is a gifted therapist who uses innovative methods to allow clients to let go of distress. He is a person with great positive presence and a genuinely open-minded approach. I recommend him to anyone seeking assistance in times of distress or confusion and it is great that therapists of this calibre are to be found in Dublin".
Male - mid 40's
"A friend who is also a Psychotherapist recommended Ray Tonge. My marriage had ended,I was very hurt, my Self Esteem was battered and my Confidence was at an all time low,  there were issues in the past which were unresolved. Rays' style of counselling is quite unique, as he gave an insight into me, why things were happening to me. I went away from each session feeling I have achieved something here and learnt more about myself, As a result my confidence has grown, self esteem has elevated  to new heights..I have been to two previous counselors and felt I had got nowhere, I was going around in circles, Rays style of Counseling is unique and very effective. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is having difficulty and has been to counseling before. Money well spent."
Male - late 40's
 "I attended counselling with Ray for substance addiction and codependency issues. I found Ray to be caring and compassionate, well rounded and practised in his field. The safe environment Ray creates helped me to work through many difficulties in my life. I ended counselling feeling secure and confident to live fruitfully and happy, with the tools to deal with all of life's ups and downs.I highly recommend Ray as a counsellor to anyone considering this path."

 Female - mid 40's

"Ray has helped me work out a lot of difficulties in my life and given great guidance on practical ways to manage stress, anxiety, self criticism, etc.. 

 I have been to other counselors in the past, and would rate Ray's sessions highly against my other experiences."

Male - late 20's

 "I have come to Ray twice. These were periods in my life where a specific event had triggered a disproportionate reaction and I was very confused and stressed to say the least. Through various different methods of working Ray assisted me in an absolutely non-judgmental way to get to those issues within me that were far deeper than what initially seemed to be the problem, to work through those issues and to get at truths within myself. Ray also worked with me through various techniques which taught me how to deal with similar issues should they arise again in the future. The benefits of this have been substantial and far reaching and I'm extremely grateful."

Male - early 40's


"I was just feeling like things were getting on top of me - my life was really busy, and then a few things happened to me that I started to find really difficult to manage.  It was like I had this pool of really intense feelings inside that I was trying to keep under control, and they would surge up in all kinds of different contexts - nothing that created any serious damage, but I knew I needed some help to make sure I didn't get to that stage.  Talking to Ray allowed me to get everything off my chest, and then through just listening and asking questions he helped me identify the strategies that I was using to manage my life - some of them great and healthy, but some of them not so great, which had led me to experience the problems I was having.  This knowledge about myself then allowed me to be more conscious about how I was behaving and reacting to certain situations, so that I could then choose alternative ways of dealing with them.  Ray is a great guy, easy to talk to, non-judgemental but was also completely frank when necessary.  Like talking to a mate."

Male - mid 30's


 "Ray helped me through a very lonely time where heartache and addiction had devastated me. I could not see and end to this pain. I could say anything to Ray and knew I would never be judged. I worked through my pain at my own pace with Rays support, patience and great empathy. 

Ray was recommended to me by 2 friends that he had helped previously. I have recommended him in turn to others, all of which sing his praises. He has a great gift for helplng people heal."

Female - mid 20's 


  "I undertook a substantial programme of therapy with Ray over a number of years to help resolve a range of issues from childhood and adolescence that were affecting much of my day-to-day adult life and my relationships with others, including my own children. I needed to understand myself better, come to terms with myself and respect myself for who I truly was. I always felt a great sense of warmth and fundamental respect from Ray during the therapy and a completely non-judgmental environment. I felt like I was with a true friend during our sessions. Ray has helped me to lay the foundations and establish myself on a path to self-acceptance, a journey which I am still on but moving forwards."

Male - early 40's 


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