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Navigating the Hidden Paths of Self-Sabotage

By |25/09/2023|Categories: Psychotherapy, self relationship|Tags: , , |

Navigating the Hidden Paths of Self-Sabotage  I have been looking into some of the often-overlooked world of self-sabotage. I've seen the subtle ways it weaves into lives, sometimes unnoticed but always leaving a mark. It's a serious issue, but we can navigate its intricate paths and find solutions. The Unseen [...]

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Peeking Behind the Curtain: Why Your Therapist Keeps Some Things Private

By |24/08/2023|Categories: Psychotherapy, self relationship|Tags: , |

Peeking Behind the Curtain: Why Your Therapist Keeps Some Things Private  Have you ever sat across from your therapist and wanted to know more about them? After all, here you are, pouring your heart out, and it's only natural to wonder about the person nodding empathetically on the other side. [...]

Emotional intelligence

By |23/07/2023|Categories: Motivation, self relationship|Tags: |

Our emotions are a powerhouse of intelligence. Emotional Intelligence, or EQ for short, is something that you’ve probably heard about, but do you know what it really means?  Emotional intelligence is like that silent, dependable friend who doesn't steal the limelight but makes life smoother, richer, and far more enjoyable. [...]

Taming the inner critic

By |29/05/2023|Categories: self relationship|Tags: , |

Taming the Inner Critic: Conquering the Dangers Within Have you ever been caught in a relentless cycle of self-doubt, negativity, and self-sabotage? I know I have. Especially in my teens and up to my 30s, there was a constant voice inside my head, tirelessly pointing out my flaws, questioning my [...]

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What is motivation fatigue

By |22/04/2023|Categories: Motivation|Tags: |

Sure, I can do that! Motivation is an interesting concept because it's something that everyone wants, but it can be incredibly difficult to maintain. Whether you're trying to stick to a workout routine, finish a project at work, or just stay positive throughout the day, it's not uncommon to feel [...]

Emotional energy and the body

By |10/03/2023|Categories: Body work|Tags: |

How does integrative body psychotherapy help with accessing emotions? Emotions are an inherent part of human life. They influence our thoughts, behaviours, and overall well-being. Emotions are energy in motion, which might sound obvious, but they are felt physically in our bodies. When we experience intense emotions, we often feel [...]

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Benefits of online psychotherapy

By |17/02/2023|Categories: Oline therapy|Tags: |

Before Covid, online therapy was something that only a few therapists were offering. However, being forced to conduct therapy this way due to covid restrictions, opened up a realisation of its value. Online psychotherapy, is a relatively new form of psychotherapy that has gained significant attention in recent years. Research [...]

What is happen to us while having a panic attack

By |17/02/2023|Categories: Panic|Tags: |

I am always fascinated with how the body responds to different situations, and panic attacks are a very physical experience. So what happens when we have a panic attack? Panic attacks are sudden and intense surges of fear or discomfort accompanied by physical symptoms such as palpitations, sweating, and trembling. [...]

Unexpressed Anger

By |17/02/2023|Categories: Anger|Tags: |

Anger is a powerful emotion triggered by various factors, such as frustration, disappointment, and injustice. While it is often seen as harmful and destructive, anger can also be a healthy and necessary response to certain situations. However, when people do not express their anger healthily, it can negatively affect their [...]